Jonathan Tepperman NYT Op-Ed

Canada’s Ruthlessly Smart Immigration Policy

New York Times,
June 28, 2017
During a speech in Iowa last week, in the middle of his red-meat calls for a border wall and tougher immigration enforcement, President Trump called for something decidedly less sanguinary: “a total rewrite of our immigration system into a merit-based system.” This is one of the few consistent positions the president has held while in...
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How Mexico’s President May Have Rescued His Country

Washington Post,
October 14, 2016
Back in 2012, Mexico was a mess, seemingly stuck in a death-cycle of dysfunction that looked even worse than the one gripping Washington today. The country’s Congress was deadlocked, and its many problems were spinning out of control. Since 2006, the war on drugs had claimed 60,000 lives. Life expectancy was the lowest among nations...

Progress, Rwandan Style

Los Angeles Times,
April 6, 2014
KIGALI, Rwanda — Twenty years ago Monday, the state of Rwanda set about trying to hack itself out of existence. Starting on April 7, 1994, Hutu extremists, in a premeditated 100-day campaign, systematically butchered close to 1 million Tutsis — three-quarters of all those in the country — as well as moderate Hutus, driving countless...

The Best Reason to Bet on America

New York Times,
October 5, 2013
NEW YORK — Just a few days ago, in a federal courthouse in Brooklyn, I raised my right hand and — along with some 150 other immigrants from places like Bangladesh, China and the Dominican Republic — was sworn in as a U.S. citizen, something I’d been secretly longing to do for about 30 years....

Where Are You, Ban Ki-Moon?

New York Times,
September 24, 2013
Of all the recent twists in the Syria saga, one of the most unexpected has been the sudden return to relevance of the United Nations, now holding its General Assembly in New York, and its otherwise invisible secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. Since he came into office six-and-a-half years ago, Ban has remained remarkably anonymous, despite...

Weighing War, Peace and Polls

New York Times,
September 8, 2013
One of the explanations most often cited for President Obama’s maddeningly tentative approach to Syria — for his initial reluctance to get involved, his decision to seek congressional cover, and for the probability that a strike, if ever it comes, will be limited in scope — is the opposition of the American public. Officials and...

Can Egypt Learn From Thailand?

New York Times,
August 8, 2013
BANGKOK was rocked by anti-government demonstrations earlier this month — once a depressingly familiar sight. But that bad news shouldn’t overshadow the good. Disruptive protests may have been all too common in Thailand just a short while ago, but in the last two years, they’ve become an anomaly. The country has gone from a virtual...

Waffle, Vacillate, Fail

New York Times,
August 9, 2013
In just the last few weeks, the Russian government has used a show trial to silence a prominent activist, Egypt’s junta has massacred protesters, Turkey has cracked down on peaceful dissent, and the rulers of Cambodia and Zimbabwe have stolen elections — again. In each case, the Obama administration has done little more than mutter...

Israel vs. Iran, Again

New York Times,
July 26, 2013
Earlier this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel went on American television to remind the world (in case anyone had forgotten) that the threat from Iran remains very much alive. Speaking on “Face the Nation,” Netanyahu warned that the Islamic Republic is once again approaching a nuclear redline, and hinted that if the United...