A Delicate Balance

THE question bound to preoccupy readers of Noah Feldman’s ”After Jihad” — the only reason most readers will pick it up in the first place — is to learn what kind of future the author envisions for Iraq. The reason the answer matters, and that Feldman himself is suddenly so newsworthy, is that he has[…]

War No More

IF any single grand theory emerges from the tangle of literature on international affairs, it’s probably this: Beware of single grand theories. An important corollary is to be especially wary of single grand theories based on historical uniqueness — the premise that today we just happen to teeter at the fulcrum of history. But Jonathan[…]

Africa’s Promise and Despair

In late June, Thabo Mbeki, South Africa’s scholarly president, traveled to Kananaskis, Alberta, to sell G-8 heads of state on a new aid package for Africa. Asking for a handout for Africa was nothing new. But Mbeki’s pitch differed dramatically from past aid requests. Under his proposed New Plan for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), African states,[…]