Crimea votes for independence as new sanctions are imposed

Susan Glasser and Jonathan Tepperman discuss the Crimean parliament’s vote for independence and new sanction from the United States and European Union.

Syrian opposition claims government used chemical weapons

NOW with Alex Wagner (MSNBC) Syrian opposition groups accused the Syrian government Wednesday of killing as many as 1,300 civilians in a poison-gas attack in the suburbs of Damascus. Videos and photos of victims of the attack show bodies with symptoms typical of exposure to chemical agents: foam coming out of the mouth, constricted pupils,...

Foreign Policy in the Presidential Debate

Washington Journal/C-SPAN Jonathan Tepperman previewed the key foreign policy issues that were likely to be discussed in the final presidential debate. He responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Topics included the Obama administration’s record, Mitt Romney’s foreign policy campaign policies, and the probable debate strategy of each candidate.