Jonathan Tepperman in The Walrus, "An Eye for Talent"

Eye for Talent

Jonathan Tepperman, the Canadian-born managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, has spent years travelling the world and studying the policies that have helped some countries succeed while others remain mired in poverty and rancour. In his acclaimed new book, The Fix: How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in Decline, Tepperman summarizes his findings,[…]

Jonathan Tepperman

Jonathan Tepperman Explains How to Fix the World’s Thorniest Problems on Strategy+Business

In Episode 4 of the new podcast, Talking My Book, Daniel Gross, executive editor of strategy+business, interviews Jonathan Tepperman, managing editor of Foreign Affairs and author of The Fix: How Nations Thrive and Survive in a World in Decline (Tim Duggan Books, 2016). Listen to the conversation for insights on how countries are attacking and solving[…]