Jonathan Tepperman at the Chicago Council

One More Question with Jonathan Tepperman

Chicago Council,
September 27, 2016
Foreign Affairs magazine managing editor Jonathan Tepperman visited the Council on September 27 to discuss foreign policy lessons for the next president. He sat down with us one-on-one to describe the biggest foreign policy issue challenge on the horizon.     “When the next president sits down at her or his desk in late January,...
Jonathan Tepperman at the Chicago Council

How Nations Survive and Thrive: Lessons for the Next President

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs,
September 27, 2016
During the heated 2016 presidential campaign―with America’s global leadership increasingly challenged and its domestic politics gridlocked―voters may have the impression that the country faces almost insurmountable crises. But governments across the world have developed effective and proven solutions to similar, pervasive challenges, argues Jonathan Tepperman. Projects like Brazil’s Bolsa Familia program and Indonesia’s campaign against...
Jonathan Tepperman at Politics and Prose

Jonathan Tepperman at Politics & Prose

Politics & Prose,
September 23, 2016
Looking at issues including terrorism, corruption, economic and political stagnation, and immigration, Tepperman, who also writes regularly for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and other publications, reports on recent government initiatives in nations from Canada to Brazil to Indonesia where innovative leaders are working creatively to change old policies and envision...
Jonathan Tepperman on Brian Lehrer

Global Problems — and Solutions

The Brian Lehrer Show,
September 23, 2016
Jonathan Tepperman, managing editor of Foreign Affairs and the author of The Fix: How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in Decline (Tim Duggan Books, 2016), shares success stories of countries dealing with hard-to-solve issues despite all of the crises around the world.
How Canada Got Immigration Right by Jonathan Tepperman

How Canada Got Immigration Right

Wall Street Journal,
September 16, 2016
Ever since the start of this bizarre presidential campaign, Donald Trump has ensured that most discussions of immigration focus on Mexico and Mexicans. But his noxious rhetoric has obscured the fact that illegal border crossings are just part of the problem. The U.S. system for legal immigration also badly needs reform—and here the answers lie...