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Talking Turkey: A Conversation With Abdullah Gul

Foreign Affairs,
September 24, 2013
Last October, Turkish President Abdullah Gul met with Foreign Affairs Managing Editor Jonathan Tepperman in Ankara to discuss politics at home and throughout the region. This week, with Gul in New York to address the UN General Assembly, the two resumed the conversation. We last talked almost exactly a year ago. Let’s start by reviewing...

Where Are You, Ban Ki-Moon?

New York Times,
September 24, 2013
Of all the recent twists in the Syria saga, one of the most unexpected has been the sudden return to relevance of the United Nations, now holding its General Assembly in New York, and its otherwise invisible secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. Since he came into office six-and-a-half years ago, Ban has remained remarkably anonymous, despite...

Transcript: A Conversation with Abdullah Gul

Council on Foreign Relations,
September 23, 2013
(UNKNOWN): We’re on. (UNKNOWN): OK. TEPPERMAN: So we last talked a year ago. And so much has changed in the last year. I thought we would discuss a lot of those changes and get your take on how Turkey and the region is different today than it was 12 months ago. So my first question...

Weighing War, Peace and Polls

New York Times,
September 8, 2013
One of the explanations most often cited for President Obama’s maddeningly tentative approach to Syria — for his initial reluctance to get involved, his decision to seek congressional cover, and for the probability that a strike, if ever it comes, will be limited in scope — is the opposition of the American public. Officials and...