Can Egypt Learn From Thailand?

New York Times,
August 8, 2013
BANGKOK was rocked by anti-government demonstrations earlier this month — once a depressingly familiar sight. But that bad news shouldn’t overshadow the good. Disruptive protests may have been all too common in Thailand just a short while ago, but in the last two years, they’ve become an anomaly. The country has gone from a virtual...

Syrian opposition claims government used chemical weapons

NOW with Alex Wagner (MSNBC) Syrian opposition groups accused the Syrian government Wednesday of killing as many as 1,300 civilians in a poison-gas attack in the suburbs of Damascus. Videos and photos of victims of the attack show bodies with symptoms typical of exposure to chemical agents: foam coming out of the mouth, constricted pupils,...

Waffle, Vacillate, Fail

New York Times,
August 9, 2013
In just the last few weeks, the Russian government has used a show trial to silence a prominent activist, Egypt’s junta has massacred protesters, Turkey has cracked down on peaceful dissent, and the rulers of Cambodia and Zimbabwe have stolen elections — again. In each case, the Obama administration has done little more than mutter...