Ahmadinejad’s Quiet Coup

The Atlantic,
September 29, 2010
Yesterday morning, my Eurasia Group colleague Cliff Kupchan and I posted an item at Foreign Policy, highlighting a new internal battle brewing in Iran that will likely undermine any chance of productive negotiations with the West–and that, if it escalates, could tear the regime apart. This may seem a weird moment even to be mentioning...

Understanding the $60 Billion Saudi Arms Deal: It’s About Iran

The Atlantic,
September 21, 2010
Last week, the Obama administration unveiled a massive new US-Saudi arms deal. In the days since, the proposed package–which still needs congressional approval–has received relatively little attention from the press and foreign policy pundits (one exception, I should note, is my boss at Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer). That in itself is surprising, as the deal...

Britain’s Press Scandal: What It Says About the Cameron Revolution

The Atlantic,
September 8, 2010
Since late last week, the UK has been convulsed by a press scandal broken, for once, by a U.S. newspaper. The New York Times reported in its magazine last Wednesday that starting in 2005, The News of the World, a British tabloid, hacked into the voicemail accounts of various British worthies, including the princes William...